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Diamond Glo Cleaning Solutions provides state of the art floor care whether you require daily floor care maintenance, or one time floor service, or floor restorative maintenance for your facility.

Our trained, experienced floor technicians will get and keep your floor looking fabulous!

Floor Care Solutions

Restorative maintenance

Restorative maintenance is the most aggressive of all procedures. It typically involves stripping and refinishing of the floor and requires the largest investment of time, labor and money. It is performed when routine periodic floor maintenance that no longer provides the desired level of appearance.

Interim Floor Care

When we have your floors clean, we then deep scrub and recoat your floors with high quality premium floor finish to insure ultimate appearance and durability. When floors still have a decent amount of finish but have lost their gloss and are not responding to burnishing, it's time for a finish gloss repair to bring flooring back to their original shine.

Floor Stripping and Waxing Service

Initially all the existing finish must be completely removed, including in the corners and along the edges. The floor stripping process must be repeated until all old existing finish is removed. Then floors need to be neutralized, rinsed, and rinsed again. Then 1-2 coats floor sealer and 3-4 coats of finish needs to be applied evenly, carefully and completely.

We use only high quality premium floor finish to insure ultimate appearance and durability.

Floor Maintenance Service

After the Strip and Wax Service, we will establish a maintenance schedule that works for you and your facility. We offer high speed burnishing, daily, weekly, or monthly. Using 2000+ rpm ultra high speed electric or propane burnishers. This process removes scratches and scuffs, and builds shine and durability. We also offer Scrub and Coat Service, on average every 3-6 months, to renew finish to help maintain ultimate appearance with less frequent strips.

Why is Floor care necessary?

Following the recommended maintenance programs improves the appearance and protects the floor by reducing wear and abrasion which ultimately increases the service life of the flooring. it also contributes to a safe and healthy environment by minimizing potential slip and fall hazards, improving indoor air quality and improving cleanliness in the building. Walk-off mats, sweeping, mopping, polishing and buffing protect more than just the floor... they protect your investment as well.

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Whether itís annual floor refinishing of your hard surface VCT floors, or epoxy finishing, grout restoration, or carpet cleaning, our floor technicians will keep your facility's floors clean and shiny. Just let us know what you need and take advantage of our floor care services today. Request your service consultation today.

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