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Green Cleaning Solutions

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Local Commercial & Residential Green Cleaning Company

Green cleaning procedures provided by our professional office cleaning service, provides much more than a nice, neat clean place to work - it has additional benefits that pay for themselves. Studies have shown that companies who utilize a professional office cleaning company get more productivity out of their employees

We are committed to residential and commercial cleaning services that are green and safe for the environment, employees, family, children and pets.

Promoting A Clean Healthy Environment

Not only do we strive to provide a cleaner, healthier home or business for our customers, we also do our part to keep our planet clean. Our staff is properly trained and taught our green cleaning ideology. Any step we can take, no matter how big or small, to help our planet is a step we are willing to take.

Green Cleaning is more than the use of environmentally preferable products. It is comprehensive and includes the unique needs of a facility and its occupants, as well as the cleaning chemicals, equipment, paper products, procedures, and training programs.

Diamond Glo Cleaning Solutions takes measures such as:

Eco-Friendly Products

Our cleaning solution arsenal has recently been revamped and stocked with Green Seal certified products. These products adhere to a strict environmentally responsible standard set by Green Seal, a non profit organization.

Eco-Friendly Equipment

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are designed to trap very small particles, pollutants, dust, and allergens that would normally remain in the air we breathe while inside our homes. HEPA filters essentially clean and sanitize the air we breathe, and improve the quality of indoor air. DIamond Glo Cleaning Solutions utilizes HEPA vacuums along with microfiber rags and steam cleaners in an effort to provide the cleanest possible air for our customers.

Eco Cleaning Methods

For us it's not only about making sure that the cleaning agents we use are responsible, we also believe in using efficiency and thoroughness to further promote our green cleaning initiative. Our belief is that true green cleaning is achieved through providing a clean, healthy living and working conditions.

Customer satisfaction is important to us!

Your satisfaction is always important to us. If you are not happy with our cleaning performance, please call us within 24 hours and we will return to resolve of the situation. Of course at NO additional cost.

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